Marjorie Abalos is a social entrepreneur based in New York City. Over the
past 25 years, Marjorie has been involved in numerous public service
engagements. As the CEO and founder of CLODS Inc, Marjorie Abalos is fulfilling her
life’s mission to deliver access to digital technologies to underserved
communities throughout the world.

As a young immigrant, Marjorie Abalos was a stand-out student who relentlessly pursued a strong education in middle school and high school. She went on to the University of Southern California where she studied Biomedical Engineering and joined a number of organizations and clubs, including the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. After graduating with 1999, Marjorie took on a number of jobs in the tech industry, making a name for herself in the early iterations of the internet and social networking.

However, after some time, Marjorie Abalos was called to pursue her mission in life — helping people. Marjorie founded CLODS and continues to oversee it today as the CEO. CLODS is an organization that facilitates the delivery of healthcare in underserved communities throughout the world generating measurable social impact.

Follow this blog for information about her work, her insight into global health, and tips for finding and pursuing your own mission in life.