How Understanding the Human Microbiome is Helping Us Understand Health by Marjorie Abalos


What are microbiomes? Within our body, we house a wide range of micro-organisms. These include bacteria, the single-celled organism commonly known as archaea, fungi, viruses, and other microbes. The collection of all these organisms are called the human microbiota and can affect a huge array of bodily functions and the way a body works and presents.

The human microbiome has been quite the hot topic for research lately. Scientists and medical researchers are still working to understand the breadth of its function, however, some of the interesting conclusions that this has produced is the potential that the microbes inside us could be the cause of “a plethora of conditions, from obesity to anxiety.”

Although this may sound alarming–the prospect that there are bacteria inside of your body–this is often misconstrued. Bacteria outside of the body can lead to serious infection, however, the bacteria inside of your body can instead help to protect against it. There has been research done that suggests that animals without or with less gut bacteria have a higher risk of serious infection.

Read the full blog here by Marjorie Abalos


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