Using Social Media to Find your Mission in Life: WeRateDogs

We Rate Dogs | What started as a silly hobby by a bored college student has become a staple of modern cyberspace as we know it. Matt Nelson enrolled at the University of North Carolina with the intention of becoming a golf instructor, but started running a twitter account at @Dog_Rates where he comments on silly dog photos and rates them between a 10 and a 14 out of 10. Today, the “We Rate Dogs” empire includes a merchandise store, two mobile apps, and a well-visited blog. With upwards of 5 million followers eagerly anticipating the next “good boy” he captions, Matt decided to use his platform to help dogs in need. Weekly, Nelson tweets a picture of a dog suffering from some malady with a GoFundMe account where his loyal fans can help support the dog and its family. Matt’s passion for entertaining people and keeping good dogs healthy has lead to a global effort to raise money for sick pups.



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