Using Social Media to Find Your Mission in Life: The Everybody Eats Foundation

The Everybody Eats Foundation | In 2016, Kelvin Pena made a video that would change his whole life. A Dominican young adult living in southeastern PA, Kelvin filmed himself feeding the deer at the end of his driveway, giving them names and offering them marshmallows and crackers and declaring that “everybody eats” as he offered a snack to each deer individually. Little did he know that he internet would fall in love with him and his affinity for animals. Since the “Everybody Eats” video went viral, Kelvin has proceeded to make more videos of himself and wild animals becoming friends and enjoying snacks together. With his newfound notoriety and public platform on behalf of animals, Kelvin and his family started the Everybody Eats foundation, which supplies food and support to organizations that help provide food to both animals and humans who are in need. To date, he’s helped support wildlife foundations as well as relief efforts in Puerto Rico.


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